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Man Up

This past week, I heard my friend Rick Verkerk from Promise Keepers Canada share a startling statistic.

If a child comes to Christ and begins attending church, there is a 4% likelihood that the family will follow suit; if a woman converts and starts going to church, there is a 17% likelihood of that happening.

And what is the likelihood of it happening if a man converts and gets involved in church?


Men, are you listening? Does this matter to you?

They will follow where you go. Do you know where you’re going?

When the Bible says that a man is the head of his wife, this is what it is talking about: we exert enormous spiritual influence in our homes, whether by choice or by default. Our wives and children are wired up to take their spiritual cues from us. If you as a man are apathetic, uninvolved, cheap, cynical, porn-addicted, hypocritical, saying one thing and doing another, spouting creeds that you in no way live by – and so on – it will have outsized impact on your family’s life. How you love Jesus Christ and his Bride – or not – is, by fierce and inescapable holy logic, inscribed into your spouse’s and children’s hearts.

Men, are you listening? Does this matter to you?

Thankfully, the opposite is also true. When you as a man love Jesus with a full and sincere heart, and love and defend his Bride as passionately as you are meant to love your own wife, extraordinary power is released – in your home and in your church.

They will follow where you go.

Men, please – for Christ’s sake, for his Bride’s sake, for your wife’s sake, for your children’s and/or grandchildren’s sake – know where you are going. Choose well your path.

Start with a hard look in the mirror. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself. What attitudes and actions are you reproducing that you should be crucifying?

Put all the junk to death.

And lead like a man.

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